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The Faith of a Jedi

The Faith of a Jedi. Figures from a new census in England and Wales has revealed that 176,632 people identify themselves as “Jedi Knights”, making this alternative religion the most popular choice on the census ballot among the umbrella category of “Other Religions.” In other words, the Jedi Knights were only beat in popularity by these historical behemoths: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. The Jedi faith was first included on the census ballot in 2001 when 390,127 first claimed the faith. Unfortunately, for the Jedi Knights, this religion has experienced a major decline in membership over the past decade, its numbers basically cut in half.  The religion itself has no real organization, leadership, or even creedal statements.  Although most Jedis emphasize the inherent unity of all the universe and the belief that morality is innate within each one of us.