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Centurion: Book Two

I was talking this weekend with a man who read had Centurion. He loved the book, which is always fun to hear, but he was very worried about the ending. It turns out he didn’t know the story would continue in Book 2. I’ve actually had this conversation a couple of times with folks, so I just wanted to put it out there: it’s not over. So if you’ve been up at night worried about Maria or Deacon or the Teacher, fear not, there are more pages to come.

As always, I’m ridiculously grateful for those of you who’ve read the book and taken the time to let me know how it’s impacted you. It means more to me than you know. Thank you.

On another note, I’ll be giving a short talk this coming Sunday at 10:15 at Church of the Incarnation on the book. I’m going to discuss why I reimagined the gospel as a thriller and why I plan to keep using fiction to imaginatively engage with the gospel.

Peace and Love, y’all.

Centurion Book Description

In 2099 the United States is gone. In its place stands the most powerful government the world has ever seen: the Kingdom. Led by King Charles and his Centurion Guard, Americans live in fear of being abducted north in a train marked for death.

Deacon Larsen boarded a train three years ago to travel west, the only region where medicine is still taught. But after the Kingdom abducted his parents, he returned home to the South.

But Deacon hasn’t come home to put his parent’s affairs in order, as stated in his strictly controlled travel visa. No. He’s come back for the only thing he has left: revenge.

But waiting for Deacon are truths he never expected and a decision so impossible he may have to die to make it.

The life Deacon knew is gone. The ones Deacon loves are dead. The truth Deacon craves is out there. But can he find it?

Centurion is an imaginative retelling of Mark’s gospel as a dystopic thriller. It’s the greatest story ever told, as never before told.


A few years ago I was supposed to be studying for a law school final. But I couldn’t.

Instead I sat in front of my computer feeling exhausted. I just wanted the semester to end and to escape from school for a while. But as I sat there, something happened. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand how it came about or why that place and time. All I know is that my life changed.

I opened a new document and started writing. What came out was wholly unexpected.

It wasn’t a case brief. It wasn’t an outline for my constitutional law final. It wasn’t even something I recognized.

It was fiction. A story.

I’m not sure it was very good, but I couldn’t stop.

Because punching keys until they formed words and sentences and paragraphs and pages made me come alive in ways I never dreamt possible.

And somewhere along the way I knew I’d found what I was meant to do, meant to be.

That was 2007. Since then I finished law school, earned another graduate degree, got married, had a son, and worked as a lawyer, teacher, and minister.

But I’ve never stopped writing.  I can’t… because it’s who I am.

Next month I’m releasing Centurion: Mark’s Gospel as a Thriller. It’s a work I’m incredibly proud of and something I hope invites people to read the Jesus story in a completely fresh way. It’s the first book in a three-part dystopian trilogy and will be available for Kindle and as a paperback.

I’ll blog more about it in the upcoming month and will post an excerpt or two as we approach the release.

But for today, happy Friday.

Peace and Love.