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The Sign of the Cross and RG3.

The Sign of the Cross and RG3.  A term attributed to multiple acts of personal piety, the sign of the cross is made when a person traces two lines that intersect at right angles; thus replicating Christianity’s symbol par excellence: the cross upon which Jesus died. For centuries, Christians have performed this act of piety at the holiest points of Christian worship: before prayer, at the opening of Mass, after prayer, while partaking of the sacraments, and so on. The basic idea is that a believer makes this sign over her body to further identify herself with Christ. The cross covers the believer, from head, breast, and shoulders to indicate alignment in thought, word, and deed.  It is an outward manifestation of an inward devotion. Yesterday, Robert Griffin III, aka RG3, torched his home state team, The Dallas Cowboys, in a monster Thanksgiving Day win.  Griffin, who is arguably the most exciting NFL rookie to come along in a generation, is also a Christian — albeit a less outspoken one than his fellow quarterback, Tim Tebow. But like Tebow, RG3 has shown a spotlight on Christian worship in the NFL. While RG3 doesn’t do the now famous, or infamous, Tebow celebration, he has made a habit of pointing two fingers to the sky before kneeling to quickly make the sign of the cross.