A few years ago I was supposed to be studying for a law school final. But I couldn’t.

Instead I sat in front of my computer feeling exhausted. I just wanted the semester to end and to escape from school for a while. But as I sat there, something happened. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand how it came about or why that place and time. All I know is that my life changed.

I opened a new document and started writing. What came out was wholly unexpected.

It wasn’t a case brief. It wasn’t an outline for my constitutional law final. It wasn’t even something I recognized.

It was fiction. A story.

I’m not sure it was very good, but I couldn’t stop.

Because punching keys until they formed words and sentences and paragraphs and pages made me come alive in ways I never dreamt possible.

And somewhere along the way I knew I’d found what I was meant to do, meant to be.

That was 2007. Since then I finished law school, earned another graduate degree, got married, had a son, and worked as a lawyer, teacher, and minister.

But I’ve never stopped writing.  I can’t… because it’s who I am.

Next month I’m releasing Centurion: Mark’s Gospel as a Thriller. It’s a work I’m incredibly proud of and something I hope invites people to read the Jesus story in a completely fresh way. It’s the first book in a three-part dystopian trilogy and will be available for Kindle and as a paperback.

I’ll blog more about it in the upcoming month and will post an excerpt or two as we approach the release.

But for today, happy Friday.

Peace and Love.

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